Training Center

Since 2006, our training center is open to professionals exercising various types of job in cold and air treatment fields.

Our goals are:

  • To assist technicians and project managers in choosing solutions to implement for designing installations in compliance with applicable standards and regulation.
  • To improve their skills for maintaining the performance of industrial refrigeration installations.

Through our training dedicated to the refrigeration activity, you will learn how to:

Implement a maintenance methodology of industrial installations (level ˮN1-2ˮ)

  • Identifying more quickly any malfunction
  • Making an initial diagnosis of the installations
  • Maintaining and adjusting the refrigeration circuit’s components
  • Replacing the installation’s failing components

Replacing the installation’s failing components (level ˮN3ˮ)

  • Carrying out a thermal balance
  • Sizing and selecting the material in compliance with the current standards
  • Justifying your technical, economic and environmental choices

Please contact us for further information about our sessions:

The Paumier training center

The Paumier training center

The Paumier training center

The Paumier training center

The Paumier training center

The Paumier training center

Activity registered under the n°23 76 04114 76 at Haute-Normandie Préfecture.

From theory to practice

ˮMethodology of maintenance actions on refrigeration installationsˮ

  • Understand the operation principle of a refrigerating system
  • Carry out manipulations during the pratical workshops on regulation and refrigerating circuits

28-hour course

  • 1 day theory
  • 1 day Electricity, Regulation & Automatism
  • 2 days Practical work situations, diagnoses and handlings


ˮDesigning and sizing a refrigeration installationˮ

  • For all professionals in charge of design and realization of refrigerating and air conditioning installations
  • Design an installation taking into account standards, regulations, energy savings and environment

21-hour course

  • Study of refrigeration installations
  • Thermal balances and sizing
  • Work situation following specifications