Solutions mastering the requirements in controlled atmosphere.

Paumier Industrie designs and carries out HVAC solutions for:

  • Production units,
  • Clean and ultra-clean rooms,
  • Weighing and dosing systems.

The provided services meet the current requirements for safety and traceability.

Design of refrigerating groups adapted to your process:

  • Design and manufacturing of refrigerating units for cold production and distribution with refrigerants (direct expansion up to -60°C, ammonia installations) and/or with coolants at all temperatures (MEG, MPG, Temper, calcium chloride…).
  • Freezing tunnel at all temperatures.
  • Installation of cooling towers and water treatment systems in order to control any risk of Legionella proliferation.

Control and Management of all types of atmospheres (neutral, explosive, corrosive, dusty…):

  • Opacimetric and gravemetric filtration, filtering ceilings.
  • Purification through air washer.
  • Pressurization: overpressure or relief setting of treated rooms.
  • Air distribution by means of textile or rigid duct.
  • Dehumidifier by thermodynamic or chemical system.
  • Humidification by steam injection or misting.
  • Temperature maintenance in the storage areas.
  • Computerized follow-up of thermal and humidity data.
  • Equipment of cold rooms at positive or negative temperature.
  • Installation compliance according to the evolution of European standards (replacement of halogenated refrigerants,…).
  • Maintenance of your installations, standby duty service according to your needs.