Air treatment and Ventilation

Renewing the air and ensuring a precise control of temperatures, hygrometry and air quality is essential. Paumier Industrie specializes in design and manufacturing of ventilation systems for buildings and processes.


Air treatment

With its in-house workshop, Paumier Industrie can offer tailor-made air handling units that meet your requirements:

  • Specific sizing
  • Management ranges of air flows
  • Energy recovery / waste recycling / air flow management in the factory and the buildings
  • Filtration, purification
  • Pressurization cold / hot
  • Dehumidification
  • Humidification
  • Air treatment of cheese plants

Each activity has its own specific needs (agri-food, high-tech industries, paper mill, chemicals, pharmaceuticals…).

For a personalized study of your project, please contact our Engineering department of Paumier Industrie.

Industrial ventilation

  • Filtration for industry and storage areas
  • Process ventilation
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of duct network
  • Comprehensive remodeling of existing unit
  • Tailor-made realization of unit
  • Production of specific hoods

Design of energy-saving solutions

  • Fan-driven refrigeration groups
  • ˮDual flow unitsˮ energy recovery
  • Free-cooling
  • Speed variation

Environment & safety

  • Compliance of the air handling systems
  • Filtration of air waste, fresh air intake (carbon filters)
  • Efficient acoustic performance of the networks
  • Fire safety standards (fire damper…)

Air treatment and ventilation

Air treatment and ventilation

Air treatment and ventilation