Follow-up and respect of the cold chain.

Our goal:

To ensure hygiene and to guarantee the preservation of your goods by providing the best storage conditions.

Energy savings:

Different solutions are possible to save energy:

  • Heat recovery from the condensers.
  • Floating high / low pressure control.
  • Production optimization based on the rates in off-peak and peak hours.
  • Defrost optimization on evaporators.
  • Load-shedding and reloading of the installation.

Temperature control of production and storage rooms:

  • Industrial cold production for warehouses and work rooms by direct expansion (refrigerant, ammonia) or indirect (glycol water, brine, temper,…)
  • Low and very low temperature cooling by coolant.
  • Air treatment (laboratories, work rooms) by means of coolers, textile ducts and washable stainless steel units, simple and high efficiency filtration.
  • Made-to-measure manufacturing of refrigerating groups, air treatment units, fin tube evaporators, engine rooms in the form of container.

Temperature maintenance of production and storage rooms:

Insulated panels for cold rooms partitioning, work rooms and according to your needs manual or automatic revolving, sliding doors, strip curtains.

Study and support for R22 retrofit

Offers for appropriate solutions:

  • Cost
  • Capacity
  • Lead time
  • Compliance to regulation